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Silencing your inner critic

They say that talking to yourself is a sign of insanity. Others say it’s a sign of old age. Others say it’s not whether or not you talk to yourself that’s the issue, but whether or not you respond! 😉 Let’s be honest, it’s the self-talk that goes on in our heads on a regular basis that can often be the stuff that drives us crazy!

What self-talk, you ask?  The thoughts that tell you “that was a really dumb thing to say” or have you wondering “what he or she really meant by that?”  Negative self-talk can be a dream killer, a self-conscious magnifying glass and meaner and crueler than anyone you have ever encountered.  We are our worst critics.  There’s nothing that anyone can say to us that we probably haven’t already thought of ourselves!

Why do we do this to ourselves?  Regardless of the reason, we need to retrain our minds and stop being so self-deprecating.  What good does it do us to put ourselves down?  Does it make us feel good about ourselves?  Absolutely not!  Is it helping us to progress in life and grow to become stronger, wiser versions of us?  Obviously not!  So why do we continue to do it?  Why is it easier for us to put ourselves down rather than become our own cheerleaders and remind ourselves of how amazing we are?

We’ve all been told not to be boastful.  That bragging about our accomplishments is not something that decent people do, but is this the truth? As Marianne Williamson says in her ever-quoted excerpt from her book A Return to Love “You are a child of God.  Your playing small does not serve the world.  There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.”  Did you get that?  If not, read it again (go on, we’ll wait…).  If you want to read the entire passage, you can find it here.

Remind yourself of how great you are.  If you don’t believe it, fake it until you do!  Create some affirmations and stick them where you’ll see them on a regular basis.  Remember that greatness is contagious.  You’re celebrations of accomplishments, big and small, will motivate and inspire others, whether you know it or not!  Tell those negative voices in your head to SHUT THE HELL UP!  Tell them and yourself that you will no longer entertain beliefs that don’t serve you.  If a thought enters your mind that doesn’t move you forward, look for another one that does.

Stop allowing you own thoughts from holding you back from the life you want and deserve.  It’s all up to you.  You have the power to control the thoughts that enter your mind.  Embrace that power and use it to your benefit!  You’ll be amazed at what happens when you control that inner dialogue, get out of your head and get on with living the life that you want!

It all starts with a plan!

I’m sure we all have a lot of goals that we want to achieve.  We start the year with a long list of things we hope to accomplish and often finish the year with very few items crossed off as complete.  So what can we do to make sure that we finish each year with a list we can be proud of?  The key is to have a plan.  It’s all good and well to say that we are going to lose weight, make more money, or find a job, but how much thought do we give to exactly how we’re going to accomplish these goals?

Without a plan, it’s easy to get discouraged when things don’t happen right away.  You may want to lose weight, and when you step on the scale at the end of 30 days and you’re not any lighter, you get frustrated and want to give up.  What would happen if you had established a plan prior to setting out to achieve any given goal?  If you want a new job, what’s your plan?  Are you going to take courses to make yourself more employable?  Hire a career coach? Update the resume and put the word out to friends and colleagues?  A plan provides you with a point of reference for when you get stuck, or wonder what you should do next.

Chopping up your goal into small, attainable bits is an important element in making your goal achievable.  Instead of looking at losing 20 pounds, try a pound a week, and reducing your sugar intake and hitting the gym 3 times a week!  When you break your goals down into the things you are going do for the week, or even just today, towards achieving your goals, you take one more step to making that goal a reality.

Putting a plan together is by no means a sexy notion.  When you want your goals bad enough and you’re tired of not being able to achieve them, the time has come to stop spinning your wheels and be more definite about the actions you take.  Having a plan puts you one step closer to making your goals a reality.  It gives you something to work towardseach day, and well as something you can review at any time to measure your progress.

It’s said that a goal without a plan is simply a dream.  If you want your dreams to become a reality, developing a plan to make it happen is the first step.  Putting that plan into action is what is going to take it to levels that you’ve never reached before. Having a plan gives you purpose. When we have purpose we’re less likely to procrastinate. Once we find goals that have meaning and relevance for us and develop a plan to make it manifest, they sky is the limit! What are you planning to do next?

Plans can be for anything but without one it is very difficult to progress, you can plan your domestic day, your homework, your weekend chores, your vacation, your pampering weekend, anything benefits from a plan.

Take the pampering weekend plan, just note down the things you want to do;

  1. Arrange the venue
  2. Invite friends(s)
  3. Book tanning, facial, teeth whitening session at the venue, whatever you feel like
  4. Plan how to get there
  5. Plan pickup times

There you have a 5 point plan that will not only work but be great fun.

Benefits of Garbage and Junk Removal

Sounds silly that we’d need to take out the time to talk about this but most people don’t realize how important and beneficial it is to get rid lingering garbage in your house. The benefits of Garbage and Junk Removal are so obvious that sometimes no one really thinks about them. We just take for granted this daily habit we’ve made out of getting rid of our trash and having someone else pick it up for use and store it elsewhere.

Health Benefits of Garbage Removal

After a while, the smell and accumulation of garbage starts to attract different kinds of vermin and insects, this goes from rats and cockroaches to ants, maggots, worms, flies and other types of pest. It goes without saying that contact with some of these can cause diseases or even death.

For example, direct contact with rat excrement or pee can cause symptoms similar to a cough except that it’s actually Leptospirosis and it’s a very serious condition that can cause death if it’s not found on time.

Aesthetic Benefits of Junk Removal

Piles and piles of junk in your home or yard will make it seem like your house is inhabited by raccoons, don’t be surprised if people avoid walking by or visiting your house all together because of the horrendous smell the junk will begin to leave behind. The other issue is that unattended trash simply brings the image of someone who’s not clean, safe or worries about the most basic principles of hygiene.

Environmental Benefits of Junk Removal

According to, Harmful liquids and fumes emit from garbage and can contaminate your community’s soil, air and water quality. In fact, you could be violating local, state or national codes and face hefty penalties for allowing your garbage to build up in inappropriate places.

Also, never forget to check your local community’s recycling program to know how you can help reduce your carbon footprint by responsibly sorting out your paper, plastic and metals or placing your trash in the right containers. If you don’t have this sort of program, there’s many companies that will take care of this for you or will accept your recycled trash.



Reading and taking it in

A bit away from my cleaning articles, thought I would write about reading, another of my passions.

reading and taking it in

Reading a very nice book could be a rewarding experience, and also it could be very frustrating when the info just passes through your head and not staying in your memory. Well Lucky for you, there are some methods that could make a huge difference in retention of information. Stack Exchange bookworms  provide a few tips in helping your game.
I love reading non-fiction novels on different topics that I find interest in, but also I discover that the information never really sticks.
For instance, I read Thomas Jefferson’s biography 1 year ago and I cannot remember anything about the biography, except for the fact that 1743 is his birth date. Whenever I listen/see authors who are my role models such as Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens, and they are very much able to routinely quote from lots of books. I have even witnessed Hitchens cite a book, thus giving the books page number also, from memory.
I really want to store info like these guys, if it is possible, without going through a book more than once. Which method(s) can I take to make sure I receive the most possible information from books when I go through them?
3-Step Program
Memory is developed on these 3 components:

  1. Repetition
  2. Association
  3. Impression

One of these 3 components is enough to memorize anything at all. However, Combining the 3 components will be the most secure way in not forgetting things. Allow me to illustrate each of the components:

If you’ve read a book many times you are likely to not forget details about it. . Same goes for a recipe, the lyrics of a song, a route between 2 locations, phone numbers, anything . The more repetition that you do, the more you are likely to remember. When reading books, if you don’t want to read it many times, you could highlight some parts that you would like to remember, and read only those highlighted parts several times. You are likely to remember these segments and you are going to discover that it will assist you in remembering the rest of the book.
You can impress yourself with mental images, make associations with the information that you already have (and ensure that you learn the basics), and repeat it many times. You have to work on how to become better at not forgetting things and you will be better at remembering all you want.

If you can also link something you have read to any other thing you already know, the chance of not forgetting it becomes more stronger—most times incredibly strong. For instance, if you and Thomas Jefferson was born the same day, you will find it a lot easier to not forget it because you have linked the info that you read to an info that you know already and will never forget. It’s like tying something fresh (Jefferson’s birthday ,the data you read) to a tree (an information that you know, your birthday). This means that for you to learn more about the topic, you just have to know more about it.

If you are knowledgeable on 1 topic (such as Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens on literature), it will become very simple to make strong links—you have many trees and many ropes. So all you have to do is learn the basics and the context of the book and you won’t forget.

If you are impressed by something (such as a picture, an idea, a text, a sound, a face and a situation), there is the probability that you might remember. For instance, if as a kid, you are left alone, lost inside a mall for a period of time, you are likely to remember all that happened accurately. It is the same with your books: if you’re impressed Thomas Jefferson did it in his life, the possibility that you will not forget this aspect becomes a bit higher. The good thing about it is that you could increase the power of this impression by yourself while reading.

For instance, you can pause reading for a second and visualize the situation in your mind, exaggerating most features of the situation just to enhance the impression of the mental image you have created, by adding greatness, violence, or anything just to shock yourself. You can also include yourself in your mental image, imagining Mr Thomas Jefferson really thanking you for your assistance or him kicking your small butt or just anything that brings good memories. This is going to make the impression last.

And also, you may need to enhance the impression of a text message by reading it aloud—even louder if your neighbors don’t have a problem with it . Most individuals are more sensitive to impressions derived from sounds (voice) than the one that came from viewing things (written text).



Spring Green Clean


Hey you gotta de-clutter your office, home and most importantly your life!! But most of us  are lazy and need a kick up the bottom, so spring is the time traditionally one does the nest tidy thing. So lets do this people, go through all your piled up important papers and work out how important they really are.

Some tips for you, all for free

Spring Cleaning List


Ok look at that closet, woweeee, enough clothes to clothe a small african country.. And put away the winter warmers – it is spring!! In a bin and put away in the loft under the bed, garage, basement…

Now clean that kitchen, please. Old food in the fridge, in cupboards, throw away. Any food that does not go off, if so give to a local charity – double win – more space and you feel good, actually a treble win as the charity profit too..

And you need to look at your carpets, especially at spring time, its the perfect time to get them cleaned, either professionally or a DIY job. My personal preference is to get them cleaned by a professional company, as they always do a good job. A company I have found who do good work and have a nice website are Diamond Head Carpet Cleaners.



Paperwork, everywhere, take some time go through it and then throw it or file it and then throw it!!

Get organised, use folders. clean your desk as it hasn’t been cleaned in years , has it?

Now email, oh no not the email, yes the email. Delete the ones that you really don’t look at and unsubscribe from all that old garbage!!x.


Now the big one, spring clean your little old, important yet hectic, yet busy, yet lovely life!!

Take a deep breath, work out what you actually do with your life and is it important? Is it work, family, friends, Facebook, reading, drinking, sport, what is it that fills your days?

And think whether it is what you want or did it just happen? Often the latter…

list your goals and plan each week and hit some of the goals… You will feel a million times better about yourself.

So chop chop get on and do it!!!



Green products

green survey cleaning

Products with green specs (what should and should not be in green products)

All purpose cleaners

  • Shall contain no reactive chlorine compounds
  • Shall contain 0% EDTA according to ASTM D1767 Standard Test
  • Method for EDTA in Soaps or Synthetic Detergents or equivalent
  • Shall contain no APEO
  • The product offered should be at least 90% biodegradable
  • Should not contain more than 5% by mass VOC
  • The pH of aqueous solution of the detergent, determined by the method described in BS 3762 or latest edition, shall be not higher than 10.5
  • Should contain no halogenated organic substances or solvents

Laundry detergent/ Soap 

  • Shall contain no reactive chlorine compounds
  • Shall contain 0% EDTA according to ASTM D1767 Standard Test
  • Method for EDTA in Soaps or Synthetic Detergents or equivalent
  • Shall contain no APEO
  • The product offered should be at least 90% biodegradable
  • Should not contain more than 5% by mass VOC
  • Should not use phosphonates during manufacturing of the products
  • Should not be formulated with optical brighteners

Sanitary detergent

  • Shall contain 0% EDTA according to ASTM D1767 Standard Test
  • Method for EDTA in Soaps or Synthetic Detergents or equivalent
  • Shall contain no APEO
  • The product offered should be at least 90% biodegradable
  • Should not contain more than 5% by mass VOC
  • The product should not contain halogenated substances
  • Should not be formulated with any chemicals that are included in the
  • International Agency for Research on Cancer lists for proven (Group one), probable (Group Two A), or possible (Group Two B) carcinogens

Soap toilet liquid

  • Should contain 0% EDTA according to ASTM D1767 Standard Test
  • Method for EDTA in Soaps or Synthetic Detergents or equivalent
  • Should contain no APEO
  • The product offered should be at least 60% biodegradable
  • pH of 5% solution ranges from 6-10
  • Bio-accumulative preservatives are not allowed

Cleaning rags and cotton waste

  • Cleaning Rags
    • Addition of optical brighteners should not be permitted
    • The content of detectable formaldehyde in the final product should not exceed 0.15 mg/kg.
    • The content of pentachlorophenol in the final product should not exceed 0.1 mg/kg.
  • Cotton Waste
    • AOX emissions in the bleaching effluent should be less than 100 mg Cl/kg 06


  • Should not be formulated or manufactured with builders belonging to phosphates
  • Should not be formulated or manufactured with surfactants belonging to alkypheonol ethoxylates

Eco cleaning videos

eco cleaning

Hi, I have chosen 9 videos from YouTube to help you understand more about Eco cleaning, the various ingredients and products you do not need to clean green and Eco friendly. The videos are from 7 different people, so you will get a varied view of sometimes the same things but a different perspective form the different people. This will give you lots of good information on how to clean green and Eco friendly.

Video  1 is about green cleaning and how to find green cleaning products.

Video 2 talk about how to eco friendly clean your drain

Video 3 is tips on Green cleaning

Video 4 is from the Everyday SuperMomma about Eco-Friendly household cleaners

Video 5 shows 5 top green cleaning supplies

Video 6 is the introduction video to green cleaning

Video 7 shows you how to make an organic all purpose cleaner

Video 8 is about a NYC carpet cleaning company

Video 9 is about a Newcastle carpet cleaning company

Eco cleaning

eco carpet cleaning

So Eco friendly cleaning, what is it?

Simply put it is the use of natural  products that do not have man made chemicals in them, items you would find in your cupboards in your own kitchen at home.

These simple products are items like vinegar, baking soda, lemons, limes, soap and others. And put together they make powerful cleaning aids that can be used on many surfaces that need cleaning.

Its that simple, protecting the environment, yourself, your family and pets while keeping your beloved home clean. Using natural products, natural fruits and vegetables.

And what a great idea as they work really well, I will add some to this blog and talk about them.