Spring Green Clean


Hey you gotta de-clutter your office, home and most importantly your life!! But most of us  are lazy and need a kick up the bottom, so spring is the time traditionally one does the nest tidy thing. So lets do this people, go through all your piled up important papers and work out how important they really are.

Some tips for you, all for free

Spring Cleaning List


Ok look at that closet, woweeee, enough clothes to clothe a small african country.. And put away the winter warmers – it is spring!! In a bin and put away in the loft under the bed, garage, basement…

Now clean that kitchen, please. Old food in the fridge, in cupboards, throw away. Any food that does not go off, if so give to a local charity – double win – more space and you feel good, actually a treble win as the charity profit too..

And you need to look at your carpets, especially at spring time, its the perfect time to get them cleaned, either professionally or a DIY job. My personal preference is to get them cleaned by a professional company, as they always do a good job. A company I have found who do good work and have a nice website are Diamond Head Carpet Cleaners.



Paperwork, everywhere, take some time go through it and then throw it or file it and then throw it!!

Get organised, use folders. clean your desk as it hasn’t been cleaned in years , has it?

Now email, oh no not the email, yes the email. Delete the ones that you really don’t look at and unsubscribe from all that old garbage!!x.


Now the big one, spring clean your little old, important yet hectic, yet busy, yet lovely life!!

Take a deep breath, work out what you actually do with your life and is it important? Is it work, family, friends, Facebook, reading, drinking, sport, what is it that fills your days?

And think whether it is what you want or did it just happen? Often the latter…

list your goals and plan each week and hit some of the goals… You will feel a million times better about yourself.

So chop chop get on and do it!!!